oh so it was not just me!! ha!

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get to know me meme: [4/5] favorite tv shows → true blood

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True Blood is no more

it’s over man… game over…

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There is such a thing as Texas Japanese BBQ! Thank you #TrueBlood fans, cast, and crew let me play in your sandbox as a #Japanese Gangster Cowboy #Mr Gus !


Texas Japanese BBQ @truebloodhbo ! Thank you #True Blood fans, cast and crew for lettin’ me be a #Japanese Gangster Cowboy #Mr Gus #RIP True Blood


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She always looked flawless. Even in her yellow banana Walmart outfit

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It was a serious fist pump moment

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Ode to all the awful hair styles they gave Eric through out five years.

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Oh Jason :)

It happened so fast and natural, I almost missed it!

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